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Clipart for Keynote

Hey there folks, I haven’t updated this blog in a while so I’m not sure just what the value of it is anymore. I figured I’d write a quick post targeting a fairly noncompetitive keyword phrase like clipart for keynote and see what kind of ranking power the domain has. My other sites have tanked in google over the past couple years so i’m looking into starting over fresh and seeing if some of my other web properties have any kind of clout before making the decision to possibly purchase another higher ranking existing domain from a domain broker. Anyone else have any luch with buying websites and or selling clipart related domains? Please let me know!

Funny Blake Griffin Quotes | Great Quotes on Blake Griffin

Funny TSA Quotes | Great Quotes on TSA

Being felt up by a TSA employee is the closest most Americans will ever come to joining the Mile High Club.

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Funny Facebook Email Quote

One benefit to Facebook’s new email system is that your privacy can now be violated all in one place.

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Home Security System

home security cartoon - house sitting cartoon

Adult Acne

Adult acne cartoon - teenage acne cartoon - zits cartoons

Spiritual Financial Advice

financial adviser advice cartoon - funny finance cartoon - money cartoon

Weight Loss Willpower

cartoon about dieting, weightloss cartoons, funny willpower cartoon

Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss cartoon - male pattern baldness cartoon

How to Cope with Feelings of Depression…

Depression Cartoon - No matter how bad things get or how sucky your life is, putting on clean socks and clean underwear will always make you feel better.