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Funny Quotes About Sex

Funny Justin Bieber Quotes | Great Quotes on Justin Bieber

It’s gonna be funny when Justin Bieber starts talking about having sex with girls and calling ‘em bitches in his songs.

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Funny Alcohol Quotes | Great Quotes on Alcohol

If it wasn’t for alcohol, ugly people wouldn’t get laid.

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Funny Ryan Reynolds Quotes | Great Quotes About Ryan Reynolds

In other news, Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man alive. No wonder he landed Scarlett Johansen.

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Funny Tony Parker Quotes | Great Quotes About Tony Parker

So Tony Parker was cheating on Eva Longoria with his team mate, Brent Barry’s wife? So does Barry get the assist on the divorce?

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Funny Quote About Tiger Woods Joining Twitter

Hope it’s not like when you “finally decided to try out monogamy”. RT @TigerWoods: What’s up everyone. Finally decided to try out twitter!

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Funny Virginity Quote

I saw my first car at a used car lot. I didn’t mention my virginity was in it because I knew the salesman would try to screw me.

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