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These are hilarious..

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You mean Bernard Matthews was a real person? I thought he was like Tony the Tiger but for meat.

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Funny Justin Bieber Quotes | Great Quotes on Justin Bieber

It’s gonna be funny when Justin Bieber starts talking about having sex with girls and calling ‘em bitches in his songs.

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Funny Beatles on iTunes Quote

Must check out these so-called “Beetles” that have suddenly appeared on iTunes. Interesting find, Mr. Jobs!

Funny Dental Hygienist Quote

I would rather be Steve Buscemi’s dental hygienist than watch myself use an elliptical machine in a full length mirror.

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Funny TSA Pat Down Quotes | Great Quotes on TSA Pat Down

The TSA pat down of Kirstie Alley resulted in the discovery of a new kind of cheese.

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Funny Patrick Swayze Quotes | Great Quotes on Patrick Swayze

You can really tell when you see a guy who hasn’t fully come to terms with Patrick Swayze’s death.

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