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Funny Stupid People Quotes | Great Quotes on Stupid People

Someone told me “twitter is for stupid people that don’t have friends”. I told her “twitter is for funny people that don’t want friends”

Funny Wii Quotes | Great Quotes on Wii

The boy asked for a turn on the Nintendo. I said there’s no “we” in Wii. Just two I’s. I win parenting.

via Twitter / @Rex Huppke

Funny Beatles on iTunes Quote

Must check out these so-called “Beetles” that have suddenly appeared on iTunes. Interesting find, Mr. Jobs!

Funny Dental Hygienist Quote

I would rather be Steve Buscemi’s dental hygienist than watch myself use an elliptical machine in a full length mirror.

via Twitter / @ruthakers

Funny TSA Pat Down Quotes | Great Quotes on TSA Pat Down

The TSA pat down of Kirstie Alley resulted in the discovery of a new kind of cheese.

via Twitter / @Laura